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Professor Andrew Scholey
Monash and Swinburne Universities 

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Recent invited/keynote/plenary talks...

Andrew's invited international speaking engagements have included:
Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
Linus Pauling Institute (US)
Max Plack Institute (Germany)
Harvard Medical School (US)
American Nutrition Society
American Chemical Society
Nutrition Society (UK)
Experimental Psychology Society (UK)
Nutrition Society of Australia
Dietitians Association of Australia
Australian Pharmacy Professional

and many others...


          Specific invited talks include:
  • ‘Bioactives for the brain: tests, targets, trials and translation’ (2023) Active Nutrition Summit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • ‘Flavonoid Android? Beyond behavioural testing in understanding polyphenol effects on human neurocognitive processes’ (2022) International Conference on Polyphenols and Health London, UK

  • 'Using neuroimaging to explore the impact of nutrition on the ageing brain’ (2022) ILSI Europe conference on
    nutrition for the ageing brain Lisbon, Portugal.
  • ‘Bioactives for mood and mental performance: tests, trials and translation’ (2022) Vitafoods Europe Geneva, Switzerland.
  • ‘Bioactives for the Brain: what’s the evidence and how can we use it?’ (2022) Vitafoods Asia (online)

  • 'Carbohydrates, cognitive function and mood’ (2022) Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences Carbohydrates Committee, Cognition Working Group, Washington, US.

  • ‘Your brain on caffeine’ (2021) Eventbrite public lecture (online).

  • ‘Mediterranean diet effects on mood and cognition: who, when and why?’ (2020) Mediterranean Diet: from evidence to implementation workshop, World Congress on Oils and Fats, Sydney, Australia.

  • ‘Biological effects of plants and botanicals in cognition and wellbeing’ (2019) Pfizer/GSK Cognition and Mental Health Well Being Roundtable, Phoenix, Arizona, US.

  • ‘Nutrients for mood and cognition: clinical trials and errors’ (2019) Stress, Mental Health and Lifestyle Behaviours: Synthesising the Evidence Symposium, Melbourne, Australia. 

  • ‘What if changing what you eat could improve brain function?’ (2019) Public lecture as part of the Boroondara What If? Lecture series, Melbourne Australia. 

  • ‘Nutrients and Neuroenhancement’ (2018) Food for the brain: Understanding Nutrition and Mental Health, Dietitians Association of Australia, Melbourne, Australia. 

  • ‘Nutrients to boost memory/cognition in regional Australians’ (2018) 3rd annual Functional Foods & Supplements Symposium, Toowoomba, Australia. 

  • ‘Vitamin effects on Brain and Behaviour’ (2018) 5th International Vitamin Conference, Sydney, Australia.

  • ‘Coffee and cocoa for cognition’ (2017) Nutrients for cardiometabolic health and brain function, 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition, Adelaide, Australia.

  • ‘(Functional) food for thought: nutrition and nutraceuticals for mood and cognition’ (2017) Nerd Nite public lecture, Melbourne Australia.

  • ‘Supply and demand in the ageing brain: Can a 'neuroeconomy' model explain glucose effects on neurocognition in younger and older adults?’ (2017) Food for Thought: Brain Fuelling and Cognitive Function Symposium, Experimental Psychology Society conference, Reading, UK.

  • ‘Micronutrients, mood, mental function and mechanisms’ (2017) Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference, Gold Coast, Australia.

  • ‘Eat, drink and be merry? Using diet and dietary supplements to improve mood and cognition’ (2017) Pint of Science public lecture, Melbourne, Australia.

  • ‘Curcumin for cognitive health’ (2017) Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • ‘Bioactive nutrients for neurocognitive enhancement in health and disease’ ’ (2016) Diet, Nutrition and Mental Health and Wellbeing Nutrition Society/Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK

  • 'Micronutrients, mood, mental function and mechanisms' (2016) Vitafoods Asia, Hong Kong

  • ‘Dietary flavonoids as cognitive enhancers’ (2016) Boosting Brain Function with Nutraceuticals Asia Pacific Society for Neurochemistry, Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia

  • ‘Bioactives for the brain’ (2016) Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, Switzerland 

  • ‘Diet and cognitive function: what works and how do we measure it?’ (2016) American Society for Nutrition Optimising the Aging Brain through Nutrition Symposium at Experimental Biology, San Diego, US

  • ‘Dietary bioactives and neurocognitive function: the case for curcumin’ (2016) Bioactives and Neurodegenerative Diseases symposium at 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Diego, US

  • ‘Curcumin and (cognitive) health’ (2015) Second annual Blackmores Institute Symposium, Melbourne, Australia

  • ‘A role for dietary polyphenols as cognitive enhancers’ (2015) 18th Annual Conference of Functional Food Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston US

  • ‘Nutraceutical interventions for cognitive functions throughout life’ (2015) Diet and Optimum Health Conference, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon, US

  • ‘Magic bullets and poison arrows: the potential for bioactive nutrients to treat neurocognitive decline’ (2014) International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, Melbourne]

  • ‘Eat, drink and be merry?  Effects of bioactive foods and alcohol on mood and cognitive function’ (2013) Winehealth 2013, Sydney, Australia

  • ‘Acute effects of different multi-vitamin/mineral preparations with and without guaraná on mood, cognitive performance and functional brain activation’ (2013) Diet and Optimum Health Conference, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon, US.

  • ‘Natural products as cognitive enhancers’ (2013) Cognitive Enhancement & Brain Training Conference, Max Planck Institute, Germany

  • ‘A decade of research of herbs for the brain’ (2013) 8th International Conference on Herbal Medicine, Melbourne

  • ‘Neurocognitive and mood effect of nutrition and nutraceuticals’ (2013) 114th Abbott Nutrition Research Conference: Cognition and Nutrition, Columbus, Ohio, US

  • ‘Influence of Nutrition on Neurocognition & Memory’ (2012) Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory 2012 Fall colloquia, Champaign, Illinois, US.

  • ‘The neurocognitive effects of Ginkgo and Ginseng alone and in combination’ (2012) Whistler Mechanism-Based Natural Product Development Conference, Whistler, Canada

  • ‘Pro-cholinergic herbs for cognitive enhancement’ (2011) International Society for Intelligence Research annual conference, Limassol, Cyprus

  • ‘Functional and herbal substances: effects on cognitive performance’ ILSI Symposium on Nutrition and Cognition (2010) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • ‘Exploring cognitive space: natural medicines and cognition enhancement’ (2010) PANACEA 2010, Mumbai, India

  • ‘Magic bullets and poison arrows: the role of natural medicines in treating neurocognitive decline and neurodegeneration’ (2009) FAPRONATURA 2009 Second International Symposia about Pharmacology of Natural Products and BLACPMA, Varadero, Cuba

  • ‘Natural products as cognitive enhancers: issues and challenges’ (2009)  International conference on Evidence-based Complementary medicine Armidale, NSW, Australia  (2009)

  • ‘Food for thought’ Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Melbourne, Australia (2009, 2014, 2015)

  • ‘Ginseng and human neurocognitive function’ (2008) Joint Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicinal Research and the Ontario Ginseng Innovation and Research Centre

  • ‘Cognition enhancing herbs’ (2007) Congress on Nutri- & Phytothérapie, Brussels, Belgium

  • ‘From Glaxo to Paxo? Neurocognitive and mood effects of natural products’ (2006) BPS Psychobiology Section Annual Conference, UK

  • ‘Biobehavioural effects of herbal extracts’ (2006) 54th Annual meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, Helsinki, Finland

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Professor Andrew Scholey
Monash and Swinburne Universities 

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